The public administrations tractor of new technologies

Author: Ángel Macho (UNVEX’s Director)

The demand for efficiency in spending and effectiveness in services is prompting public administrations to become more and more users of new technologies and to invest in R&D, through their own specialized bodies.

Digitization has made it possible to speed up management; communications to get closer to the citizen, healthcare as an advanced user of new technologies and new mobility in cities are just the tip of the iceberg.

Autonomous or remotely manned systems, whether aerial or terrestrial, are going to be the paradigm of this transformation. Security, including defence, will soon be joined by inspection, surveillance, emergency, health, resource protection and transport services.

Municipalities, Autonomous Communities and the State itself must play the role of tractors and promoters of these new technologies, for their own benefit. Although their procedures are complicated, companies have an important partner and market in these administrations.

But as the song “el anillo pa’cuando” says. There is still a long way to go, such as the essential and desired legislation that allows the use of these systems, their insertion in airspace and citizen awareness.

In the meantime, companies, whether designers, manufacturers or service providers, must always respond positively. The lament is one of weakness and in this business, only the strong will survive.