The objectives are maintained

The organizers continue working on the activities of UNVEX 2020 to exceed the participants expectations of the conferences, demonstrations and the visitors in the exhibition area.

The Exhibition, in la Cidade de Cultura de Santiago de Compostela, has more than 70% of its space booked by national and international companies. The Museo Gaiás, the building chosen for the venue of the sixth edition in Spain, is an architectural landmark from the 21st Century and one of the most relevant structures from the complex.

The design and construction team of UNVEX 2020 are working to take full advantage of the possibilities the modern space has to offer as well as responding to sponsors and exhibitors demands.

The Conference cycle, which is also held in this location, is being designed by the professionals and users taking into consideration the most relevant topics of the sector. The program is structured with Keynotes, Rounds Tables and simultaneous technical Workshops oriented to a specific audience and Public Round Tables, aimed to achieve dissemination and social recognition.

The base line of this years content is the use of drones in the services given by the Administrations to the citizens, regarding security and defense matters as well as civil protection resources, yet, always taking into consideration the essential regulations, the UTM and the UAM.

This program is the outcome of the work done by the Conference Working Group, integrated by experts and professionals of academia, associations, la Agencia Gallega de Innovación (GAIN) and IDS.


The last day of the event, 8th of October, will be completely dedicated to demonstrations that will take place in Polo Aeronaútico of Galicia, situated in the aerodrome of Rozas. This experimentation center specialized in RPAS carries out unmanned systems or remotely manned systems test regularly. Therefore, this location is, with no doubt, the most suitable place for UNVEX 2020´s demonstrations program.

Companies have already started to hand in their demonstrations proposals for these to be included in the program, designed according to the system´s technical characteristics as well as the technologies that are implemented.

The demonstrations director and its teams are working in the development of the program with the goal of presenting the latest technologies in drones in Spain.