Positive response to date change

The sponsors and exhibitors of UNVEX 2020 have had a positive reaction to this event’s postponement to October. Companies and Institutions maintain their reliance on these new dates of the event, which will comply with all the recommendations stated by the authorities.

Due to the situation generated by COVID-19 and the recommendation of authorities, UNVEX had no other choice but to postpone its celebration to 6th to 8th of October in Cuidad de la Cultura of Santiago de Compostela and the aerodrome of Rozas (Lugo). Having around 75% of the space booked, nearly all the companies that had confirmed their participation in UNVEX 2020 have ratified their commitment and sponsors have shown their trust in the organization to guarantee its quality during these new dates.

The authorities and Institutions, that had already been in touch for the conference program, also maintain their commitment to the event. The Conference Working Group is working on including the greatest experts of the sector at national and international level as well as incorporating the new experiences of drones in public services, more specifically their use at the COVID-19 crisis.

Additionally, companies continue to send their demonstration requests, which are being evaluated by the technical committee, to present the best live systems in the aeronautical pole of Galicia, located at the Rozas aerodrome.