European Presence

The Conference Working Group of UNVEX 2020 is focusing its efforts on including representatives mainly from national, regional and European institutions in the conference cycle. More specifically at European level, the working group has already been in contact with different organizations and maintains fluid conversations through proper communication channels with the majority of the institutions, which undoubtedly have lots to contribute.

The importance of Air Traffic Management, especially in Europe, with the coming into force of the new regulation in the near future, will be highlighted at the Round Table to discuss the most important challenges such as UTM and U-Space among others. It is scheduled for October 6th and is expected to have representatives of national and European organizations.

Moreover, in the Workshops, different European institutions will share their vision along with companies and academia. The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) or the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) have great importance precisely in the Galician environment, as they represent a fishing European leading power where drones are key in the maritime scope and will continue growing in the near future.

In terms of Security and Defense, work is being done so that Europe is represented through the EDA, Frontex and OCCAR, from which we seek to hear their expert opinion on important issues such as the use of drones in European security.

The Conference Working Group created to provide UNVEX with a useful and attractive cycle of conferences does not stop and increases its efforts to have the best speakers to address the most relevant topics in the sector.