Espace “HUB Innovación”

The drone sector includes a wide range of innovative small and medium-sized companies, many of them driven by entrepreneurs that are key to the development of remotely piloted systems. UNVEX 2020 will feature an area dedicated to this companies presentations known as HUB Innovación.

This area will be a fully equipped open space with audiovisual support, designed for the entrepreneurs in the sector to present their solutions and systems to professionals who assist the event, complementing the UNVEX 2020 Conference Program.

This HUB Innovación will have its own Program that will be duly announced. The Conference Working Group will channel the requests and organize the Program in fifteen minutes slots during the three days of the Exhibition.

The Xunta of Galicia is making important efforts helping these projects through the Civil UAVs Initiative, thanks to which an accelerator has been created to finance and advise innovation projects, BFAero, and whose initiatives have already confirmed its presence at UNVEX 2020.